Is your lumpy old mattress on the brink of retirement? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Beds R Us provides you with luxury comfort with every purchase. We offer you a wide range of mattresses from various brands including specialised orthopaedic mattresses and memory foam.

Purchase one of our orthopaedic mattresses to help alleviate any aches and pains you may experience in the mornings. Sink into our memory foam mattresses to reduce back pain, breathing problems and more. These mattresses target specific sleeping problems and help to improve your overall quality of sleep.

Out range goes above and beyond to make sure that you wake up in the morning feeling invigorated and relaxed. Each of our beds offer you a superior level of comfort, giving you the best opportunity to enjoy a full night’s sleep.

Take some time to browse through our range and find a mattress that is the appropriate size for your current bed base and a suitable style to give you optimal levels of comfort. Or, head on over to our ‘bed sets’ page and have a look at our bed sets if you’re looking to upgrade your bed size.

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