Bunk Bed Sale Cape Town

Here at Beds R Us, we offer a fun variety of bunk beds for you to choose from.

Bunk beds are the ultimate space savers.

Make more space for wardrobes, cupboards, storage and entertainment.

Bunk beds offers children a sense of adventure and a break away from the mundane style of the average bedroom.

Most bunk beds offer the option to become two singles, so as your children grow, the bunk beds can be modified to work as two separate beds.

With this option you get way more bang for your buck then you would get with the purchase of two single beds from the get go.

Let your children fall asleep with adventurous dreams and a new found sense of imagination… ‘Bed time’ has never been this fun. Bunk Bed Sale Cape Town.

Some reasons why you should buy a Bunk Bed.

  1. Bunks beds help you save space when space or storage is limited.
  2. Combined storage will save you from buying an extra piece of furniture.
  3. When you have two or more individuals sharing a bedroom, bunk beds are a sensible option to save space.
  4. Bunk beds encourage siblings to bond as they spend time together.
  5. Different fun and imaginative designs help children explore their imagination.
  6. Thinking of having a roommate in your apartment, then go for bunk beds.
  7. Bunk beds makes it easier when your children have sleepovers because you don’t have to worry about the hassle of blow up mattresses.
  8. The bunk beds allow you to store extra stuff beneath them.
  9. Some have inbuilt study and computer desk to work upon, this provides more workspace.

Did you know?

 No one knows for sure where the idea of bunk beds originated​​

The origin of bunk beds remains one of the most mysterious facts about these beds. No definite evidence can provide proof of when or where exactly the idea of bunk beds originated from. Some suggestions have been made that often links the original design of the bunk bed to ancient Egyptian times. There is also some evidence that suggests these beds might have originated from Europe