Bed Set and Mattress Sale

Some of our quality brands that we offer for purchase are:

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Truform bedding was founded in 1984. It is a company based in Cape Town, South Africa.They have been making high quality foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses and base sets for over 25 years.

There products offers the consumer sheer comfort and value for money.

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Bed Set and Mattress Sale

All these Bed brands have a vast array of sizes for you to choose from:

  • Single bed sets.
  • Single mattresses.
  • Three quarter bed sets.
  • Three quarter mattresses.
  • Double bed sets
  • Double mattresses.
  • Queen size bed sets.
  • Queen size mattresses.
  • King size bed sets
  • King size mattresses.

Mattress maintenance advice from the experts:

With over 15 year’s experience, we offer you the best advice and the facts for all your bedding needs.

1) How to maintain the comfort of your mattress:

Every new mattress should have a firm base; always remember that saggy bases should be a complete no-go. We suggest that one should regularly flip and turn the mattress to keep it in the best condition possible..

We suggest that you turn and flip the mattress once every two weeks for the first three month of purchase.

2) How to keep your mattress clean:

To keep the mattress clean, avoid getting it soaking wet. To keep a mattress clean the best option would be to wrap it in an impermeable mattress protector and a vacuum cleaner can be used for regular cleaning.

3) Spring mattress maintenance:

Always remember that a spring mattress should never be folded or bent, this can cause permanent damage to the springs and make for an uncomfortable night rest – if any.

4) Foam mattress fact:

Foam mattresses mould to your body shape as you sleep. When you rise in the morning the foam mattress should go back to its original shape after a few minutes.

5) Handles on a mattress:

If your mattress has handles on it, please remember that this is not for carrying purposes but rather for repositioning purposes.